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22,    Davula Mnrti.

28.    Paiiembaka Paparajti.

24.    iladdikayala Cinna Thniuaua.

25.    Ddigela Yerru.

26.    Boya Ramana.

27.    Tlie Amuri chief.

Yacama did not pursue tlie fiyiug troops of the eueiLj ;
he ordered tliat the trumpet of dharma should be blown.
Having heard of this glorious victory, Vira Venkutapatiruya
honoured Yacama by presenting him dresses, jewel*, vehicles,
and lands.

MAC. jl/w. 15-4-3, pp. 137-41,

Yacama, son of Ranga of the Becerla family and a
descendant of Sarvajna Singama, plundered on one occasion
Boppanagari (?) and destroyed the army of the Ksatriyas
who opposed him and annexed that territory ; then, lie
went on an expedition of conquest and captured the fort of
Uttaramallur. Having subdued the armiel of the enemy he
annexed the territory attached to it.
On hearing this information Linga, the ruler of \7elur was
very much annoyed. Considering that it was not prudent to
wage war on the Velugoti chief single-handed, he toot counsel
with his friend, Aradi Kagama iSedu and explained to him how
Yacama treated his army with contempt, and began not only
to occupy his territory but capture his forts also, Nagama
who was proud of his wealth and military strength said that
putting Yacama to flight was not a serious affair. He sum-
moned his brave brother-in-law, Davala PSpayya, and said:
" Yacama Nedu, having become powerful, encroached on (ottr
territory) and captured our forts by the strength of his army ;
there is none at present among the inannc chiefs who ia capable
of leading an expedition against him- You alone possess the
skill to gather armies together and disperse them ; besides you